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Guardian Nurses Healthcare. A Union benefit worth looking into, it just may save a life!


When you enter the healthcare system, it’s often because you or someone you love is ill or injured, sick, or in need of long term care. You have questions and you need help. But what you often find is a confusing maze of tests and treatments, opinions and options, endless forms, unfamiliar terms, hard choices to make and large bills to pay. You may not know which way to turn.

When you turn to Guardian Nurses, you get answers to your questions and a nurse advocate to help you navigate the healthcare system so that it works for you. A registered nurse gets to know you, your situation and your needs. Your nurse gathers the best available information and explains it in plain language so that you can make the best possible decisions for yourself or a loved one. Then your nurse becomes your personal guide and champion, advocating for you with doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, nursing homes, equipment suppliers, community services — anyone and everyone involved in your care. She'll even go with you to your doctors' appointments!

With a nurse advocate lighting your way, you see everything more clearly. Peace of mind replaces stress, frustration and fear. You know you’re going to have the best possible healthcare experience because a caring, competent, professional nurse is on your side and by your side, every step of the way.

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