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Joining BAC Local 1 helps you gain control over your employment, safety, and financial security. When you’re part of a union, you have the power to negotiate contracts that benefit you and your family, not your employer. BAC members enjoy higher wage rates per job, access to comprehensive benefits, safer work sites, and a sense of job security.

Welfare Benefits

BAC provides comprehensive Welfare Benefits to qualified members, including health insurance, life insurance, and disability benefits.  

Pension & Annuity Benefits

All BAC Pension Plans were established to help members build toward financial security at retirement, an important long-range goal for you and your family. 

Training Opportunities

BAC offers a variety of training and apprentice opportunities to help members become stronger at their craft. 


(215) 856 - 9505

(215) 856 - 9515

2706 Black Lake Place
        Philadelphia, PA 19154



Health & Welfare

(215) 856 - 9663

(215) 856 - 9522

2704 Black Lake Place
        Philadelphia, PA 19154



Training Center

(215) 330 - 0544

(215) 330 - 0551

2702 Black Lake Place
        Philadelphia, PA 19154


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