1790: The Bricklayers Company of the City and County of Philadelphia is established.

When they began, The Bricklayers Company stated that a day’s work consisted of 1,000 bricks laid from dawn until dark for a wage of $1.70 per day. In 1827, members of The Bricklayers Company went on strike for a 10-hour day – and won.

1835: The General Trades Union of Philadelphia is formed.

1864: Bricklayer Unions are established in Philadelphia and Baltimore.

1865: The International Union of Bricklayers of the United States of North America was created.

BAC is the oldest continuous union in North America, launched right here in Philadelphia at Painters Hall.

1900: Local 1’s first Union Hall was built at 707 North Broad Street.

Materials were supplied by Local 1 contractors, and members built the Hall.

1903: The Stone Mason’s of Old Local 3 joined the International Union of America.

1952: The Health & Welfare Fund is established.

1962: The Pension Fund is established.

1993: BAC was merged into a Mega Local Union. 

Since the merger, our members can work in the 5-county Philadelphia area and Delaware without any discrepancy.

1993: The Neango Street Training Center is opened.

1993: The Training Center merged trades for apprenticeships.

2000: The Black Lake Place Training Center is opened.

2003: The Training Center hosts their first banquet for graduating apprentices.

2004: The Training Center hosts their first Region 3 apprentice competition.


(215) 856 - 9505

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2706 Black Lake Place
        Philadelphia, PA 19154



Health & Welfare

(215) 856 - 9663

(215) 856 - 9522

2704 Black Lake Place
        Philadelphia, PA 19154



Training Center

(215) 330 - 0544

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2702 Black Lake Place
        Philadelphia, PA 19154


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