Our Jurisdiction:

Philadelphia County | Bucks County | Delaware County | Montgomery County | Chester County | State of Delaware

Our Trades

  • Bricklayers
  • Pointers, Cleaners & Caulkers
  • Refractory & Fire Brick
  • Stone and Marble Masons
  • Terrazzo Workers
  • Tile Finishers
  • Tile Setters

Local 1

Dennis Pagliotti
President and Business Manager 

Rich Newcomb
Phila., Delaware and Chester County Field Agent- Brick

Justin Scarinci
Field Agent - Stone

Roy Ingraffia
Director of Industry Development and Technical Services International Masonry Institute

Joseph J. Battaglia

Secretary - Treasurer, Tile, Marble,Terrazzo Field Agent

Phil Manton 

Field Agent - PCC 

Dale Douglas
Chester, Montgomery, and Bucks County Field Agent - Brick

Rick Tulowitzki 

Delaware State Field Agent- Brick  


Matt Stafford

Bucks and Phila., County Field Agent - Brick

Mike Barlow
Facilities Manager



Health & Welfare

Maria Morris

Kariann Betancourt
Benefit Contributions Analyst

Patrice Heisse
Benefits Specialist

Samuel Teich
Benefits Specialist


Training Center

Robert Powers
Apprentice Coordinator
Scott Ferris
Assistant Apprentice Administrator

BAC Chapters and Officers

Chapter A - Local 1 (No Election)
Chapter Chairman: Matt Wright

Recording Secretary: Matt Stafford

Sergeant at Arms: Joe Connolly, Jr.


Chapter C - Local 54 (No Election)
Chapter Chairman: Mike Woodward

Recording Secretary: Tom Cehula

Sergeant at Arms: Pat Hubner


Chapter E - Local 35 (Election)
Chapter Chairman: Joseph Gansky

Recording Secretary: Mike Kelly

Sergeant at Arms: Mike Toman


Chapter G - Local 1 DE (No Election)
Chapter Chairman: Brian Ayers

Recording Secretary: George Hobbs

Sergeant at Arms: Mack Pugh


Chapter B - Local 12 (Election)
Chapter Chairman: Rich Newcomb

Recording Secretary: Dennis Connor

Sergeant at Arms: Frank Kurko


Chapter D - Local 6 and 32 (Election)
Recording Secretary: Brian Eddis

Sergeant at Arms: Mike Santucci


Chapter F - Local 3 (Election)
Chapter Chairman: Justin Scarini

Recording Secretary: Matt Schanbacher

Sergeant at Arms: Drew Vecchione


(215) 856 - 9505

(215) 856 - 9515

2706 Black Lake Place
        Philadelphia, PA 19154

Office Hours       

         7am - 5pm, Monday - Friday


Health & Welfare

(215) 856 - 9663

(215) 856 - 9522

2704 Black Lake Place
        Philadelphia, PA 19154

Office Hours       

        8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday


Training Center

(215) 330 - 0544

(215) 330 - 0551

2702 Black Lake Place
        Philadelphia, PA 19154

Office Hours       

         7am - 4pm, Monday - Friday 

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